My Name is Silvia Kovacs and I am a female photographer.

Having spent about a decade around the world as a photo model I decided to change the roles and stand behind the camera. After many years in the business I had to recognize and appreciate the value of a good photographer – this actually made me interested to step on this path. Being inspired by the awesome beauty of creation I simply did not want to waste more time and soon found the right livelihood and passion. It’s not about pushing a button, but capturing moments that will tell the story of those pretty smiles, inspiring landscapes and the happiness behind the portraits… Should it be a spontaneous action or an intimately prepared scene, my ultimate goal still remains proficiency and expertise.

I firmly believe that everyone has the potential to pose in the front and express feelings. I encourage you to experiment with this opportunity and never let your fears come in your way. If you got convinced then feel free to schedule an appointment with me.